Servo Driver, 4
by Tony van Roon

Servo Driver

Parts & Description
   IC1 = LM555 Timer (or equiv.)      R1 = 220K
    C1 = 47uF/16v                     R2 = 15K
    C2 = 0.1uF                        R3 = 5.6K
    C3 = 0.1uF                        R4 = 10K       
    T1 = 2N3904 (or equiv.)           P1 = 10K Linear Potmeter

Miscellaneous: Perf board, 5V/6V-DC Adaptor, IC socket 4pin, case (or heat-shrink), 
               knob, wire, solder, soldering iron.
The "out" pin (3) is the control or signal wire. For most servos this is either orange, white or yellow. Output pulse is adjustable, via P1, from 1 to 2 mSec. which means it will turn the servo left or right. T1 is used as a regular amplifier and can be almost any type of NPN transistor (2N2222, 2N3904, PN100, etc.) Electrolytic capacitor C1 takes care of any AC-Hum picked up from your Power Supply or a cheapie adapter. Supply voltage is for 4.3 to 6.0 volts. Data sheet for the 555 timer is available, just click on LM555 in 'Parts & Description'.
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