Data sheet
Direct substitute for NTE66, ECG66
by Tony van Roon

IRF511      Pin-out

The IRF511 is a N-Channel enhancement-mode Silicon Gate TMOS Power Field Effect Transistor in a TO-220 package. This TMOS Power Fet is designed for low voltage, high speed power switching applications such as switching regulators, converters, solenoid and relay drivers.

  • Silicon gate for Fast Switching speeds
  • Rugged -- SOA is Power Dissipation Limited
  • Source-to-Drain Diode characterized for use with inductive loads

    Device # Vds rDS(on) Id
    IRF510 100V 0.6 Ohm 4.0 A
    IRF511 60V 0.6 Ohm 4.0 A
    IRF512 100V 0.8 Ohm 3.5 A
    IRF513 60V 0.8 Ohm 3.5 A

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