PN100 - PN200
Data sheet
General Purpose Substitutes for Medium Power Transistors
by Tony van Roon, VA3AVR

PN100/PN200 Data Sheet  [Pinout]
The National Semiconductor TO-92 plastic cased PN100 (NPN), and the PN200 (PNP) are general purpose medium power transistors, and designed as general replacements devices. I have used these two type for the past many years and never had problems with them. They seem to work and do as advertised. Not only that, they are cheap and available in bulk (quantities of 1 - 999 @ $0.08, 1000 - 5000 @ $0.07, and 5000 and up @ $0.05).

The above table is for using the PN100/PN200 as a replacement or substitute transistor, but not the other way around.

I have found the PN100/PN200 transistors good replacements for most applications and included the electrical data for your convenience.
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