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R/C Blimps, Balloons and other LTA's

Airship Association - Ballooning homepage
Aerostar - in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Airship and Blimp Resources - With info on RC models
Airship Management Services - Veteran Airship operator, excellent track record
American Blimp Corporation - The world's most succesful airship manufacturer
Avian Balloon Corporation - in Spokane, Washington, USA
Balloon Excelsior - Balloon pilot school in Oakland, California
Balloon the Rockies - Balloon pilot school in Park City, Utah
Ballonbau Woerner GmbH - in Augsburg, Germany (gas balloons only)
Ballons Chaize - in Annonay, France
Balloon Crewing 101 - introduction to inflating and chasing balloons
Balloon Construction Pages - Pictorial by builder Paul Craven in Indianola (Iowa), USA
Balloon Built in 24 Hours - At a Carolinas Balloon Association Safety Seminar
Ballooning into the Sky - John Ninomiya's brilliant site on Cloudhoppers and Cluster Ballooning
Bart's Special Shapes - a collection of hundreds of special shapes
Bosch Aerospace - Largest military R/C airship with a range of 60 kilometes @ 30 hours
Blastvalve: Ballooning Search Engine - links organized by topic
Blimpparts.com - Parts for building a complete 30' outdoor remotely piloted blimp
Cameron Balloons Ltd. - in Bristol, UK
Cameron Balloons US - in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Cargo Lifter - Cargo Airship project revival
DraganFly Innovations - Innovative RC Aircraft aerial video systems
Early Years of Sport Ballooning - Fabulous history site with many photos and technical details
Evolution GbR - Germany
Experimental Balloon and Airship Meet, 1998 - Digital photography and reports
Experimental DuoChair Balloon - built by Balloon Repairs of East Texas (USA)
FireFly Balloons/The Balloon Works - in Statesville, North Carolina, USA
Flight Brothers - Remote Controlled blimps
Floatograph Technologies - Blimp aerial photography manufacturer
Galaxy Blimps - RC indoor/outdoor Blimp manufacture and lease
Global skyship Industries - Global Skyship Industries, Westinghouse Airship Inc.
Head Balloons - in Helen, Georgia, USA
Heinzel Balloons - German language
Julian Nott - AX-12 and AX-13 altitude
Kavanagh Balloons - in Sydney, Australia
Kubicek s.r.o - in the Czech Republic
Lindstrand Balloons Ltd. - in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK
Lindstrand Balloons USA - in Galena, Illinois, USA
Minizepp SARL - Outdoor zeppelins
Mobile Airships - Distributor of Indoor/Outdoor R/C Blimps
Papmobil - Paper Airship models from Germany
Plantraco Micro RC - Three channel rc blimps, wireless color video, desktop rover
Rubic Balões - in Brazil
Savannah Six - Andy Cayton with Jon Kolba's double-envelope AX-6
Schroeder Fireballoons - in Schweich/Trier, Germany
Special Feature - Dirigibles, Airships, Zeppelins, Blimps. Special info, library, search
Skyquest 7 - Bill Bussey going for AX-6 distance
Skyship Cruise Ltd., - Swiss company to operate first serial Zeppelin NT
Southern Balloon Works - R/C blimps, camera platforms, advertising blimps
Stumpf Balloons - Wide variety of balloon accessories
The Lightship Group - Lots of information, pictures, and operator information
The Zeppelin Library - Absolutely complete, with bibliographies
Tiedyed Balloons - common tiedying methods applied to balloons
Ultramagic - in Igualda, Spain
U.S. Navy Airships - Photographs, pictures, and stories on Navy blimps
West Coast Blimps & Electronics
World Balloon - Balloon pilot school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
WWW Balloon Pages - Large collection of ballooning links
Zebedee List - Listing of airships and balloons for sale
Zeppelin - Airship page in Germany

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