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Boats & Other Watercraft

A Gallery of Boat Modeling - R/C, 1:40 scale model boat by glow plug engine in Japan
A Site for IC Boats - A site for relevant IC boats information in the UK
Bob's R/C - Gas boats, airplanes, and helicopters
Frank Bayley - Novice's comments on building Model Slipway's ocean tug Yorkshireman
Jim's R/C Boat Dock - Gas power, message board and other stuff
Laurell Homesite - R/C boats, large article on combat boat 90, 1:14 scale
Kawartha Marine Modellers - Scale model ship club in Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Marios RC Models - Dutch rc enthousiast with all different kind of stuff
Marty's R/C Boats - Model boat page with projects and pictures
Miniracingteknik - Manufacturer, fast R/C powerboats, gas, nitro, electric, accessories and hardware
Model Marina - Extensive scale ship-kit reviews, assembly pics, instruction, tips
Modelismo Naval de Joaquin Solana - R/C boats in Mexico City
Navimodélisme RC - Nice boating site with plans and pics in France
Nitro Hydroplanes - Website about 1/8 scale nitro hydroplanes
Paradise Place - R/C boats, projects, pics, links
Pond Boats - Custom made r/c sailboats
Power Boats - Power Boats, Movies, pictures
R/C Boat Modeler - R/C boat modeler magazine
RC Submarines - Everything you need to know to get started in subs
R/C Submarining - David Merriman and the world of R/C submarines
RCSurfRider.com - Fresh video and pics of rc surfers in action
R/C Electric Mono Hull Racing in the UK - Links, race reports, schedules, naviga racing
R/C Civil Model Boats - Model tugboats, links, info, hints & tips
R/C Electric Racing Boat Page - The first RC model boat racing website in Slovenia
R/C Mono and Hydro Racing - Nice little page from Germany about electric boating
RCSurfer - Hints, pictures, how-to videos, contests, sales
Rum Runner Racing - Fast electric R/C boats
Shark Racing Team - R/C boating, gas engines, formulas, tips, how-to, pictures
Stan's Hobbies - My first scratch build, kits, info, park member models, pics
Submarines - David Merriman's submarine page
Subs on Display - Submarines, pictures, plans, virtual tour and video
Swiss Mini Sail Online - Building and sailing of scale model sailing ships
Information Seaways - Lots of boating information
Team Magic - All about model speedboats, pictures, results
The Colorado Crew - Scale boating enthousiasts. Colorado front range
The World of Model Scale Boating - Scale army ships, articles, USS Newport pics, news, pt boat, scale mil.pier
The PT Boat Page - Great Page for all of us who love PT Boats
The SubCommittee - Submarines, pictures, articles. Covers R/C and static models
The Floating Drydock - US Navy Warship information
Towboat Joe's Western Rivers Workboats - Scratch building plans and photos of inland river workboat models
XL25 R/C Model Sailing Yacht - The xl25 r/c model sailing yacht

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