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They lived their dream!


Amateur Rocketry - Rocketry.org, by Tim Patterson
B2 Rocketry Company - Links, information, catalogue, building tips
BAYNAR - Model rocket club of the silicon valley, Cupertino, california, usa
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies - All kinds of info, kits, help
Calgary Rocketry Association - Events, links, news, launches, other info
Canadian Association of Rocketry - Canadian Rocket Society located in Toronto
CCAMS - Central California Aerospace Modeling Society
CIA - Central Illinois Aerospace
CMASS - Central Massachusettes Spacemodeling Society
COSROCS - COlorado Springs ROCket Society
Dangerous Dave's Handmade Composite Stuff - Reinforced plastic composite rockets. Links
Darren's Home Made Rockets - Darren's Home Made Rockets
DARS Page - Dallas Area Rocket Society
DART - Diego Area Rocket Team
Dave's Rocketry Stuff - Photo's, lauches, how-to, fiberglassing
David's Amazing Rocket - Personal photo's of model rocket flight
Dave's Model Rocket Page - Graphical, loaded with rocketry stuff & sounds
Discount Rocketry - Buy low, fly high. Model rockets and motors
Edmonton Rocketry Club - Tutorials, info, news, links, photos
Eric Weder's Rocketry - Photo's, Launches, links
European Model Rocketry - Fliegende Modellraketen in Europe
European Rocketry Webring - Webring for european rocketry websites
Fredericton Association of Rocketry - FAR, New Brunswick, Canada
HARA - Huntsville Area Rocket Association
HART - Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team
Helen's Model Rocket Page - With Astrocam and other platforms
High Power Rocketry - Links, information, pictures, news
Hill Country Tripoli - Prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association
Ian's Model Rocketry - How to's, launches, news, links, photos, Aurean Aerospace
Jerry Garcia Rocketry Club - Rocket club located in Gainsville, Florida
Jim Z's Rocket Plans - Rocket plans key, by Sven Knudson
JLV's Rockets - Projects, pics, overviews, scratch build Yellow
John Kallend's Rocket Page - Information on model and high powered rockets
JP Aerospace Page - America' s OTHER space program
Launch Control - Dedicated to model and high power rocketry in general
Lethbridge Rocketry Association - Photo's, news, events, links, Roc lake,other info
LUNAR - Livermore Unit of the NAR
Magnum Rockets - Hobbies, links, information, catalogue
Manitoba Association of Rocketry - MAR
Moncton Area Rocket Society - MARS
Micas' Model Rocket Page - Build your own for a fraction of the cost
Mighty Duck Butts Free Rocket Plans - Free printable rocket plans 13 total
Model Rocket Boats - The addition of a rocket engine to a model boat
Model Rocketry for Educators - A learning tool for teachers and students
Model and High Power Rocketry - From the Irving family
MSRS - Mid-South Rocket Society
NASA's Shuttle Columbia National Association of Rocketry - N.A.R., the oldest and largest sport rocketry in the world
NARCONN - Connecticut Tripoli NAR
Ninfinger Productions - Launch reports, Launches, Astrocam Photo's, tips, refs, links
North American Propulsion & Aerospace Society - Toronto-based high power rocketry club
NOVAAR - Northern Virginia Association of Rocketry
Ottawa Rocketry Group - ORG, Ontario
PSC - Pittsburg Space Command
Pulsejet - Plans, forum, faq, over 100 pictures
rec.models.rockets - FTP Archives
Rick's Rockets - Rick's Rocketry Web Site
Rocketry Online - Model and high power rocketry, amateur
Rocket Equations - Predict speed, altitude from weight, diameter, thrust & impulse
Rockets - Yahoo's index of model and sport rocketry
Rockets Red Glare - British. Heritage of model rockets and motors
SARG - Rocketry Organization of California, section 557
SCAM - Summit City Aerospace Modelers
SCRA - Southern California Rocket Association
Shaun's Rocket Page - Shaun's Rocket Page
Southern Alberta Rocket Mafia - Comments, news, photos, links
SOAR - Southern Area Rocketry, Canton Georgia
Sports Rocketry Magazine - The official journal of the National Association of Rocketry
S. Shiota's Model Rocket Page - S. Shiota's Model Rocket Page
Tripoli Rocketry Association - Links, club info, rocketry information
TSB - Tri-City Sky Busters
UROC - Utah Rocket Club
WOOSH - Wisconsin Organization of Spacemodeling Hobbyists, NAR section #558

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