Isolation For PC Boards In Cars

Isolation for PC boards in cars circuit schematic

These two mounting methods were devised to protect PC boards from vibration when installed in the engine compartment of a car. They could also be used in other applications where vibration is a problem. Method 1 involves rigidly mounting the PC board inside a diecast box and then mounting the box itself to provide vibration isolation. As shown, small grommets are installed in suitably sized holes in the sides of the box. The box is then secured to angle mounting brackets using M4 screws, washers and nylock nuts. Method 2 involves mounting the diecast case onto the chassis of the car and then mounting the PC board as shown, using M3 screws, grommets, hollow spacers and nylock nuts. In this case, the grommets are fitted into suitably sized holes in the PC board itself. Once the nuts are tightened, the PC board should be able to move slightly, relative to the box. If there is not enough space on the board to fit the grommets, then Method 1 is the way to do it.
Author: David Boyes - Copyright: Silicon Chip Electronics