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Stabilized Regulated Power Supply Circuit

Small and portable circuit, Very useful for Home-Laboratory

This circuit of power supply, is very simple and easy to built, it can be assembled on a general-purpose PCB, finding its materials is very easy and cost-small. The output voltage is stabilized and is regulated in the region from 0V until + 15V dc, with biggest provided current 1 A. The regulation becomes with the P1. The Q1 is classic power transistor and it needs to be placed on a cool rib (Heatsink), when it works continuously in the region of biggest current it gets hot. The type of transformer is standard in the market.

Circuit diagram:

Stabilized Power Supply Circuit Diagram


P1 = 330R-Potentiometer
R1 = 560R-2W
C1 = 2200uF-35V
C2 = 100uF-35V
C3 = 10uF-25V
C4 = 220uF-25V
C5 = 100nF-63V
D1 = 18V-1.5W Zener
Q1 = 2N3055 NPN Transistor
T1 = 220VAC – 18V@ 1.5A
BR1 = 4x1N4007 Diode Bridge
SW1 = Mains On-Off Switch