Learning Electronics

Learning Electronics

Learn to build electronic circuits

Graphic Image Conventions

  1. In keeping all source files available for copy to the user, all images created by Xcircuit (*.eps) will be maintained in the distribution, and all photographs (*.jpg) will as well.
  2. Keep all Xcircuit library files (*.lps) in the distribution, for the benefit of all Xcircuit users.
  3. When using Xcircuit to draw equations, here are some general style rules:
  4. When processing images taken with a digital camera, follow these steps:
  5. When using Nutmeg to process SPICE output for true graphic images, follow these steps:
  6. File names: Each graphic file has a numerical, five-digit name, and it exists in two of three different file formats. Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) is for generating PostScript and PDF output using LaTeX, while PNG (.png) or JPEG (.jpg) is for generating HTML output. The choice between using PNG or JPEG depends on the type of image. PNG is preferred for images created by Xcircuit and computer screenshots, while JPEG is preferred for photographic images.
  7. xxxxx.eps
    00xxx = Volume I (DC) -- Schematic diagrams (.eps source)
    10xxx = Volume I (DC) -- Tables and Equations (.eps source)
    20xxx = Volume I (DC) -- Computer screenshots (.png source)
    40xxx = Volume I (DC) -- Artwork (.jpg source)
    50xxx = Volume I (DC) -- Photographs (.jpg source)
    02xxx = Volume II (AC) -- Schematic diagrams (.eps source)
    12xxx = Volume II (AC) -- Tables and Equations (.eps source)
    22xxx = Volume II (AC) -- Computer screenshots (.png source)
    42xxx = Volume II (AC) -- Artwork (.jpg source)
    52xxx = Volume II (AC) -- Photographs (.jpg source)
    03xxx = Volume III (Semi) -- Schematic diagrams (.eps source)
    13xxx = Volume III (Semi) -- Tables and Equations (.eps source)
    23xxx = Volume III (Semi) -- Computer screenshots (.png source)
    43xxx = Volume III (Semi) -- Artwork (.jpg source)
    53xxx = Volume III (Semi) -- Photographs (.jpg source)
    04xxx = Volume IV (Digital) -- Schematic diagrams (.eps source)
    14xxx = Volume IV (Digital) -- Tables and Equations (.eps source)
    24xxx = Volume IV (Digital) -- Computer screenshots (.png source)
    44xxx = Volume IV (Digital) -- Artwork (.jpg source)
    54xxx = Volume IV (Digital) -- Photographs (.jpg source)
    01xxx = Volume V (Reference) -- Schematic diagrams (.eps source)
    11xxx = Volume V (Reference) -- Tables and Equations (.eps source)
    21xxx = Volume V (Reference) -- Computer screenshots (.png source)
    41xxx = Volume V (Reference) -- Artwork (.jpg source)
    51xxx = Volume V (Reference) -- Photographs (.jpg source)
    05xxx = Volume VI (Experiments) -- Schematic diagrams (.eps source)
    15xxx = Volume VI (Experiments) -- Tables and Equations (.eps source)
    25xxx = Volume VI (Experiments) -- Computer screenshots (.png source)
    45xxx = Volume VI (Experiments) -- Artwork (.jpg source)
    55xxx = Volume VI (Experiments) -- Photographs (.jpg source)

    To answer the question, "why do the Volume I (DC) files begin with 00 and Volume V (Reference) files begin with 01?", when I first began writing this book, I only intended to have two volumes, and "Reference" was the second volume. By the time I realized that all I had to write on circuits wasn't going to fit well within a single volume, I had already created hundreds of files for the "Reference" volume, beginning with the prefix "01". So, I made the second volume (AC) files begin with "02" and so on.

    When submitting graphic image files for inclusion into the book(s), name the files according to your own convention (i.e. "image01.eps," "image02.eps," etc.). Do not try to follow my numbering scheme, as you would have to know what the last file number is in order that your filename isn't the same as another graphic file already in use. Just send them to me with your own filenames and I'll re-name them to fit in with all the other files.