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Aeromodelling GR - Forum, album, chat for Greek aeromodellers and friends worldwide. Greece
Airstrip - RC-plans, RC related links
Airtoi - Toine Martens - RC Model airplanes from Amsterdam: links, clubs, jet powered models
Akila - Electric flight, hints, pictures, projects, soaring
Alt-Om RC - Blue Phoenix, Lajban, tips, Länkar, history, Spitfire. Sweden
Alvin's R/C Online - R/C flying adventures in Mobile, Alabama
Andrew's R/C Website - Planes from my own plans. Pitts, Staggerwind and 1/2 A
Barry's Radio Control Model Aircraft Page - Barry's radio control site
Benvenuti Emiliano's Homepage - R/C Electronic circuits, aviation, rc model aircraft
Clark's R/C Airplane Hangar - R/C airplanes and stuff
Clints RC Aircraft Links - Clubs, suppliers, shops, homepages, chat, hints & tips
Colin Hutchinson's R/C Model Aircraft Pages - Planes, gliders, autogyros, freeflight, indoor
Compass Aero Pages - Flying events in the U.K. with extensive links pages
DAG-1 Autogyro Plan & build CD - EASY scratch build Autogyro and build guide CD
Deltaweb Aviation Website - Airshow info. Home of the Red Arrows aerobatic team
Fatlion's R/C Sailplanes - Info on R/C Sailplanes, radios, hints/tips
Five Jet - Design of Five Jet (advanced turbine airtrainer)
Fly Hi - The Israeli portal for rc models
F3F in France - F3F and Soaring in France. French language only.
F-18E RPV Project - Flight research, twin turbine, 17.5% scale FA-18E RPV
Glider 3D - The first simulator for sailplanes! Freeware!
Hangar 69 - 2M Soaring, history and rules. Lots of pictures. Danish site
Helibuf's World - Home of the original RC heli-buf
Hobby Show - Canada's largest radio control hobby exhibition
Ironsides Home Page - RC aerial photography, articles, tips, links
J&R Hobby Hardware - Fasteners and related items for the R/C Modeler
James Scudamores R/C Homepage - R/C page with reviews & pics
John Kinnane's Web Page - Pics of scale models and links to Australian model clubs
Kevin Newton's Website - Slope racing, F3F, the works
Lomcovak - RC quiet flight
Manu's Site Airplane/glider how to plans. Downloadable. French only
Martin's R/C Aircraft - Links, photo page, devoted to large scale r/c
Mike's RC World - Aerobatics, imac, and funfly
My R/C Airplanes - Lazy Bee, F15, greatplanes and links. Dutch homepage
ModelbouwSite - RC planes and helis, technical info and pictures
ModelFlight - Charts, diagrams, links, and lots of RC info
Monsen's Desert Aviation Connection - RC flying in Saudi Arabia, pics, videos, tips & info
Norvel - Support site for Norvel engines & other products we sell, soundfiles to set needle valve
Phantasy in Blue - Large scale airplanes, jets, unique project
R/C Aerial Photography - 35mm photography from a Remote Control Airplane
R/C Aircraft Archives - Cad or custom plans, 3d views, links
RC Builder's Website - Bronco OV10, NorthStars, Black Widow P-61, r/c tips
R/C Scale Jet Fighters - Exact scale r/c jets powered by propmotors
R/C Flight Unlimited - Source for info concerning R/C powered flight. Howard Sullivan
RC Aerosport - Forefront of rc model aviation from all arround the world
RC Builder's OV-10 Bronco - Building & pics of the ov-10 bronco
RC Exchange - Buy, sell, or trade used RC stuff
RC-Flight - Site covering rc model flying in Norway
RC Hangout - Interactive website with forums, IRC chat room
RC Sail Plane Australia - Tools, sailplanes, motors, technical information. Australian site.
RC Soaring - Information and links to many RC soaring clubs in the U.S.
RC Universe - RC live chat and message groups
RC Warbirds - Radio Control bombers, fighters
Remote Control Television - TV show on RC in the USA
Ribeiro's Home Page - Brazilian R/C site, in Portugese language
Rolf's Web Bytes - R/C related pictures and movies. Build a NiCad battery tester
SA Model Gliding Association - 1999 F3B championships in South Africa
SFS Glider Flight Simulator - Radio Control flight simulator
Soaring Tools - The EPP info website PSS, flying wings
Soaring the Sky - R/C plane models, photo's, story's, links
Sólo Aviones - RC Information, aircraft, simulation
Sorens Flight Page - E-Powered planes and boats from Denmark
South African Model Aircraft Association - Competition diary. 1999 F3B world championships
Stans' Fiber Tech - Seamless onepiece fiberglass components for sport and scale aircraft
Teamerica - Unlimited scale air racing
Teambanana Racing - UK F5D league and Teambanana racing
Team RC - RC videos, photos, message board, updated every other day
Terje's Hobby Site - Model aircraft, pictures, plans. Norwegian site
The R/C Model Airplanes Site - Shop and fun fly tips, links, search, forum
The Future is Electric - The biggest and best website on electric flight
The Hawker Tempest Page - Tempest page with a special RC page
UIUC Airfoil Data Site - Michael Selig's airfoil warehouse
Warbird Colors - Water based, fuel proof, polyurethane paint in accurate scale colors

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