Tony's FlyWire for Helicopter
by Tony van Roon

o Do a sufficient range-test with the standard antenna BEFORE installing a Dean's Antenna or this Fly-wire!
o Value of the coil is 1.5 uH (micro-Henry), 5 to 10% tolerance. Add about 1/4" length for soldering.
o Part number for coil (silver-brown-gold-green-silver) is Miller #9238-24 (ElectroSonic).
o Measure 4" from the receiver, cut the antenna wire(keep the wire!)
o Solder or crimp on the supplied gold-plated connector socket.
o Heatshrink the piece of sleeving over the connector socket.
o Before flying, do adequate range testing the usual way at the flying field, as far as possible until
you loose signal, and then compare that when you had no FlyWire installed.

The FlyWire works good with my own heli's and safely assume the same for boats and cars. Frequency is for 72/75MHz for use with 36" to 39" receiver antennas.
I have not tried it for airplanes, but myself, I don't trust the FlyWire, Dean's Antenna or ANYTHING ELSE but the original receiver antenna in any winged airplane!

Part 'A' is 6 inches pianowire. Part 'B' is the 4-inches of wire coming from the receiver.

31 Turns of #30 enameled magnet wire, closely wound on a piece of 1/8" dowel, equals approximately 1.5uH.

This unit tested ONLY with Helicopter!!!

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Copyright © 1995, Tony van Roon