555 Timer/Oscillator
 741 Op-Amp
 Diodes & Diodes Data 
 Light Emitting Diodes (LED)nbsp;
 Converting Frequency to Channel #'s
 MosFet Test
 Piezo Education/Tutorial
 Phase Locked Loop
 Resistor Color Code
 SCR Test
 Transistor Tutorial, 12 Parts! 
 Triac Test
 UJT Test
 Toroids RF/EMI
 Make Your Own Shunts
 Relays, Relay Drivers, Solid-State


ne555 555 Timer Tester - Test those 555's in your junkbox
lm555 555 Go-No/Go Tester - 555 tester, more advanced
7.2V Cycler 7.2Volt Cycler - 7.2V NiCad packs
7.2V pdf 7.2V Field Charger (.pdf file)
Airtr am/fm Airtronics AM/FM - Trainer Cord
adl Automatic Device Locator - Beacon
AutoPilot Auto Pilot for R/C - Commercial device
9V NiCad 9-V Nicad Charger - From the Netherlands
kit Back and Forth Flasher - Forrest Mims III
back large Battery Backup (1) - For Large Aircraft
RX Back Battery Backup (2) - A better type
Cycler Battery Cycler - For Rx/Tx NiCads 
BEC BEC Speed Controller - Stefan's Website
12v Charger Car NiCad Charger - Using car battery
CCharger Charger - Constant Current Charger
Circuits Circuits for the Hobbyist
Locator Crashed Plane Locator - Beacon
DCS400 DCS 400 Multipurpose Connector
Discharger Discharger - NiCad discharger
mixer Elevon Mixer - by Malcolm Aldred
Futaba AM Futaba-AM - Trainer Cord
Futaba FM Futaba-FM - Trainer Cord
Futaba to JR Futaba to JR - Trainer Cord
Futaba to JR Futaba (AM) to Futaba (FM) - Trainer Cord
Flywire FlyWire (Deans Ant.) - For Helicopter
Glowp driver Glowplug Driver - Project for your Flightbox (1)
Glow panel Glowplug Panel - Project for your Flightbox (2)
HotChek Hotchek - Hotcheck (.pdf - See note 1)
foam cutter1 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 1 - by Tom Weedom
foam cutter2 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 2 - by Charles Wenzel
foam cutter3 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 3 - by Steven Mohr
foam cutter4 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 4 - by JoeBoy
foam cutter5 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 5 - by The Hermit MachineShop
foam cutter6 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 6 - by Al Schoepp  Link
foam cutter7 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 7 - by Rocket Team Vatsaas
foam cutter8 Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 8 - by Daniel Hartman
foam cutter10 Hot-Wire Foam Cutter, 10 - by Tony van Roon
IRF511 IRF-511 FET - TMOS FET Data Sheet
JRFM JR-FM - JR Trainer Cord
Gell Type Lead Acid Charger, 1 - For Gel-Cell Batteries
LABC Lead-Acid Charger, 2 - Battery Charger
LABC2 Lead-Acid Charger, 3 - Charger with 'Float'
minidrill Mini-Drill P.S. - Variable speed for your mini-drill
servo Modifying a Servo - Modifying for indefinate rotation
rocket Model Rocket Launcher - Time delayed
launch Model Rocket Launch Controller - Matthew Hewson
timer Model Rocket Timer - The half-ounce one
strobe Model Rocket Strobe - Xenon Flash Tube
parachute Model Rocket Parachute - Delayed
altimeter Model Rocket Altimeter - PIC Based
train Model Train Lights - Head Lights for Model Trains
trainh Model Train Horn, 2-tone - Dual Tone  Sound  
rpaisley Model Train Website - Excellent site by R. Paisley
Sensor NiCad Sensor - NiCad Voltage Monitor for Rx
blade Night Blades - Helicopter night-blades
trap Noise Trap - For long servo leads  Added schematic
locator PCM/PPM Locator & Voltage Watch - by M.J. Pawlowsky
pp Power Panel - Combine it with the Glowplug Driver
prc Proportional Radio Control
 R/C Digital Camera Controller
 R/C Emergency Locator Alarm - by Jon Fick Code/Description
 More PIC codes and articles - by Jon Fick
 R/C Helicopter Camera
 R/C Pilot  PCB & Layout 11-04-2006
rc-sw R/C Switch 2 - For driving accessories 
rc-sw3 R/C Switch 3 - Similar, but with 4001
rc-timer R/C Timer Switch - Adjustable, 20-80 seconds
rc-sw4 R/C Switch 4 - Modified to use Infra-red cameras
rc-sw5 R/C Switch 5 - Electric Motor Switch 
7805 Receiver Regulator - Rx Down-converter to 5V.
rx-v RX-Volt - Dot/Bar Rx Voltmeter.
Charger Simple Charger - With 'Peak-Detect'
current Simple Constant Current Source - by John Nooyen
LFlasher Sequencial Led Flasher
servo11 Servo Driver #1
servo2 Servo Driver #2
servo3 Servo Driver #3
servo4 Servo Driver #4
servo4 Servo Modification
batts Servo Driver/Fuel Mix calculator - by Andy Batts
servo5 Servo Driver using PIC
servo Servo Modification - For contineous rotation
solar Solar Charging - NiCad Charger
toycar Toy Car Tx/Rx 27MHz - plus 49Mhz
stopsig Stop-signal Override for Model Railways
tail Tail Nav Light - For Heli or Aircraft
PS Variable Power Supply - 1 to 30V/1.5A 
wing Wingtip Nav Lights - Like the real thing
rejuv ZAP Adapter - Rejuvenate 'dead' NiCads.
parts Electronic Symbols Template

Hobby Kits for your building pleasure 

"Green" means on-line, "Red" means off-line

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Note 1: The "HotCheck" pdf file belongs to Brent's website but it appears to be off-line for a long time. Here is Brent's pdf file for your building pleasure until I can figure out what's up with his website.

Just in case you're gonna ask: All drawings are created with Paint Shop Pro

Other Information and data

archive Circuits Archive - Older circuits. Most are working, some are not. Could be still useful
circuits My Circuits Page - More interesting circuits can be found here.
data Radio Shack Partnumbers - For the most common parts
calc  Resistor Value Calculator - By Danny Goodman, AE9F
data Data Sheet - Pin-outs for a variety of other components
TUP-TUN TUP/TUN/DUS/DUG - Elektor's Semiconductor Substitute system
toroids Toroids, RF/EMI Cores - Variety of commonly used toroids, colors, etc.
nicads Zapping NiCads/Lithium-Ion batteries - Getting the most from your batteries
LM301A LM301A - High Performance OP-AMP
LM334 LM334 - Three Terminal Adjustable Current Source
LM3914 LM3914 - Dot/Bar Display Driver Data Sheet
MC1455 MC1455 Timer IC - CMOS Timer/Oscillator (CMOS) Data Sheet
mc14001 MC14001 - Quad 2-input NOR Data Sheet
mc14013b MC14013B - Dual Type D Flip-Flop Data Sheet
mc3456 MC3456/MC3556 Timer IC - CMOS Dual Timer/Oscillator Data Sheet
mc14069 MC14069UB - CMOS Hex Inverter Data Sheet
mc14093b MC14093B Schmitt Trigger - Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger Data Sheet
ne555 NE555 Timer IC - Timer/Oscillator Data Sheet
ne556 NE556 Timer IC - Dual Timer/Oscillator Data Sheet
pn100 PN100/200 - Data Sheets for the PN100 and PN200
lf13741 LF13741 JFet OpAmp - Monolitic JFET Input OpAmp Data Sheet
Thomas Thomas Scherrer's (OZ2CPU) Website - Glowplug driver mod's, UHF downlink, and more!
rce Brent's R/C Electronic Page - Optoglow, Reverser, Go-slow, HotChek.
Daves Dave's R/C Circuits - Couple very good circuits
Aichinger Johann Aichinger R/C Electronics Page - Excellent site, damn all those bloody pop-ups
Rutger Model Railroad Electronics from Rutger - Flasher, crossing, etc.
Stefan Stefan's Electric R/C Website - Miniature Speed Controllers, and more!
Sirius Sirius Datasheets - for jumpering the charging diode in transmitters

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DISCLAIMER: Although tested with my own JR gear, I take no responsibility whatsoever for the use and/or implementation thereof, or the misuse leading to damage of your R/C equipment by using any of the above circuits.
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