LF13741N, Monolithic JFET Input Operational Amplifier
Data sheet
No Known Direct Replacements
by Tony van Roon

Pin Assignments

The LF13741N is a 741 with Bi-Fet input followers on the same die. Familiar operating characteristics--those of a 741--with the added advantage of low input bias current make the LF13741 ease to use. Monolithic fabrication makes this "drop-in-replacement" operational amplifier very economical.

Applications in which the LF13741 excels are those which require low bias current, moderate speed and low cost. A few examples include high impedance transducer amplifiers, photocell amplifiers, buffers for high impedance, slow to moderate speed sources and buffers in sample-and-hold type systems where leakage from the hold capacitor node must be kept to a minimum.

Systems designers can take full advantage of their knowledge of the 741 when designing with the LF13741 to achieve extremely rapid "design times." The LF13741 can also be used in existing sockets to make the "error budget" for input bias and/or offset currents negligible and in many cases eliminate trimming. For higher speed and lower noise use the LF155, LF156, LF157 series of Bi-Fet operational amplifiers.

  • Low input bias current (50pA)
  • Input common-mode range to positive supply voltage
  • Low input noise current (0.01pA/rootHz)
  • High input impedance (5x1011 ohm)
  • Familiar 741 operating characteristics

  • FET inputs--741 operating characteristics
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Standard Supplies
  • Standard pin-outs
  • Non-rectifying input for RF environment
  • Rapid "design time"

  • Smoke detectors
  • Ito V converters
  • Hight impedance buffers
  • Low drift sample and hold circuits
  • Long time timers
  • Low drift peak detectors
  • Supply current monitors
  • Low error budget systems

    Absolute Maximum Ratings:
  • Supply voltage +18 volt dc.
  • Differential Input Voltage +30V dc.
  • Tj(MAX) 100°C.
  • Storage temperature range from -65 to +150 °C.
  • Lead temperature (soldering, up to 4 sec) 260 °C.

    - No special (static) handling precautions
    - Applying reverse power will destroy this device.
    - Unlike the regular 741, with the LF13741 you can take both inputs above the positive supply voltage by more than 0.1V before the amplifier ceases to function. This feature enables you to use the LF13741 to monitor and/or limit the current from the same supply used to power it. If you exceed the positive common-mode voltage limit on only one input, the output phase will remain correct. When you exceed the limit on both inputs, the output phase is unpredictable.

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