LM301A Op-Amp
Data sheet
Direct substitute(s): NTE975 (DIP), NTE1171 (Metal Can)
by Tony van Roon

The LM301A is a high performance operational amplifier featuring high gain, short circuit protection, simplified compensation and excellent temperature stability.

High Quality Op-amp

Unique Features:
o 8-pin DIL Integrated Circuit.
o Short circuit protection.
o Offset voltage null capability.
o Large common-mode and differential voltage ranges.
o Low power consumption.
o No latch up.
o LM101, LM101A, LH2101, LH2101A Mil-std 883A, B, C available.
o LM101A, LH2101A Mil-std-38510 available.

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Rating Unit
V+ Supply Voltage 18 Vdc
Differential input voltage 30 Vdc
Input voltage (1) 15 Vdc
Power Dissipation 500 mW
Output short-circuit duration indefinite
Operating temperature range 0 to +70 °C
Storage temperature range -65 to +150 °C
Lead temperature (soldering, 10sec) 300 °C

Note (1):  For supply voltages less then 15V, the absolute maximum input voltage is equal to the supply voltage.

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