Elevon Mixer for Transmitters
by John Nooyen

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Electronic Mixer for transmitters
This elevon mixer is designed to be used in transmitters which use an encoder IC. (NOT Flip Flop stages).

If the encoder IC uses DC voltage levels on its input pins to change the output pulse train, then this mixer will be suitable.

You can setup the mixer by hooking potentiometers between 5V and Ground, and the wipers to the inputs. The mixing ratio, and balance can then be roughly adjusted, using a voltmeter, and the unit tested, before installing the unit in the Transmitter. Space can sometimes be at a premium, so mount the mixer carefuly. The LM3900 is a single supply, Quad Operational Amplifier.
Pins 1, 5, & 6, which belong to the 4th op-amp, are not used. Use them as a spare.

Below I have redrawn John's schematic in another way, hopefully it will help you to solder a circuit together. I'm working on a Printed Circuit Board for the Elevon Mixer. Available sometime in the future.
For all your questions, tips, and suggestions, contact the author of this circuit via his website. John Nooyen's Webpage in Australia. Or via his email address at the top of this page.

Drawn by Tony van Roon

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