R/C Switch Blimp Cameras

Parts List:
Resistors are 1/4W, 5% tolerance.
R1 = 47K          IC1 = 4013, MC14013, etc.
R2 = 1K            Q1 = IRFZ42
R3 = 10K           S1 = N/A
P1 = 100K          Servo lead, female (for receiver)
C1 = 22nF          Relay DPDT, (Guardian) 5V preferred but 6V will work.
                   coil resistance is about 70 ohms.
The circuit is a slightly modified version of the original here: R/C Switch.
Relay used is a low-current type. The two 10K resistors on the 'normally closed (NC)' side of the relay contacts are to bring the voltage on the camera connector down to about 3V and take any residual charge of the 'Remote' pin to reset the shutter for the next photograph.
Previously both camera cables were tied together, and without the 10K resistors, to fire the cameras but the results were intermittent and poor.

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