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The Complete R/C Websites Index is a very large URL database. This Database supports links, articles, and electronics for beginners and professionals alike. Over 3500 url's are indexed in separate categories, and more are added every week.

Articles in the 'Hints & Tips' area include NiCads, Glowplugs, R/C electronics, Fuel, Helicopter setup, Engine tuning and more. Have a look at our construction articles or electronics projects for radio control, I'm sure you love them.

This database was initiated and started by Nathan Chronister and contained about 240 links. I took over this database from Nathan arround 1995 and continued adding and building. It now contains over 3500 links from all over the world, and still going strong. Especially now, the upkeep is very time consuming. I spend alot of time on it every week. But it is all worth it. This directory contains a treasure of links, data, and other information related to the Radio Control hobby. And I will continue for awhile yet. Please get written (email) permission before taking any copyrighted material from our site (or any other site). Nathan is still arround and his website is the Ornitopther Homepage.

Nathan's Ornitopther homepage  The Ornithopter Homepage

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