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Adjustable 1.3-22V Regulated Power Supply

Want a regulated voltage that can be adjusted to suit your application? This Adjustable Power Supply is small, easy to build and can be adapted to produce a fully regulated voltage ranging from 1.3V to 22V at currents up to 1A. This circuit come from SiliconChip Magazine

There are many fixed-voltage IC regulators available and these can be had with 5V, 6V 8V, 9V, 12V & 15V outputs. But what if you want a voltage output that does not fit into one of the standard ranges or if you want to be able to easily adjust this output voltage? An adjustable regulator is the answer – one that can be set to provide the exact voltage you require.

This Adjustable Power Supply comprises a small PC board that utilises a 3-terminal regulator. It does not have too many other components – in fact, there are just three diodes, three capacitors, a resistor and a trimpot to set the output voltage from the regulator. The circuit is based on an LM317T adjustable voltage regulator. D1 provides reverse polarity protection while P1 sets the output voltage.

Project looks like:
picture of the project
Picture Of The Project
Parts layout:
Parts layout of regulated power supply
Parts Layout Of The Project
PCB layout:
PCB layout for regulated power supply
PCB Layout Of The Project
Circuit diagram:
Adjustable 1.3-22V Regulated Power Supply
Adjustable Regulated DC Power Supply Circuit Diagram
Parts list:

IC = LM317T adjustable 3-terminal regulator
P1 = 2k horizontal trimpot
R1 = 110R-0.25W
C1 = 100uF-25V
C2 = 10uF-25V
C3 = 100uF-25V
D1 = 1N4004
D2 = 1N4004
D3 = 1N4004