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Two Flashing LEDs Circuit Schematic

9 volt battery-operated device, Suitable for pins or badges

Here is the circuit diagram of Two Flashing LED's for different applications (such as model construction), and recreational. Having adjustable flashing speed with two potentiometers. It is the collection of a few active and passive components. This circuit is very easy to built ( a good idea for beginners ) and can be build on a general purpose pcb or on a veroboard. The complete picture and schematic of this project is shown below

Picture of the project:
Screenshoot of two flashing led
Screenshoot Of Two Flashing LEDs Schematic

Circuit diagram:
Two Flashing Leds Circuit Schematic Diagram
Two Flashing LEDs Circuit Diagram


R1-R2 = 1K
R3-R4 = 10K
P1-P2 = 250K
C1-C2 = 10uF-25v
Q1-Q2 = BC547B
D1-D2 = Red-Green LED
B1 = 9 volt battery